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Until I Become Me is a teen/tween male to female transformation odyssey. A story of changing from male to female, of betrayal and ostracism, of summing and awakening, of acceptance and renewal, and of finding the greatest treasure of all---genuine love.

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Introduction to the manga Until I Become Me

Until I Become Me manga was created and drawn by mangaka Satou Hatsuki. The story began in 2018 and is still ongoing. Ore ga Watashi ni Naru made | Until I Become Me began as a doujinshi web comic on the author's Twitter account on May 22, 2018. This doujinshi version is now called the Pre-Serialization story. This Wiki will designate this version with the tag---"DOUJIN". A second version of the story, similar and more complete, but not identical to the doujinshi version, was also created and drawn by the mangaka for a published manga feature. This Wiki will identify this version with the tag---"MANGA". The author (Hatsuki) originally put out this story just for fun on twitter and pixiv, the DOUJIN version. Later, when they got a deal to put out several volumes of manga, their editor gave them a bunch of suggestions for how to improve it for the print version, the MANGA version. Hatsuki took the opportunity to dial up some parts of the story (bonding between characters) and downplay other parts (role of the dad, bed wetting, and other traumatic scenes). For this reason, all the adjustments in the text and story flow cause chapter numbers that don't always line up during the first twelve or so chapters. But it's good to know that both story lines gradually begin to merge into one comprehensive story chronicle at about the 12th chapter and thereafter, making the two separated versions unnecessary after that time.

Given the two versions of essentially the same story, the best way to appreciate the series is, at least for the first volume, to read both versions, because they each offer something interesting. This Wiki will chronicle both versions on each chapter page until Chapter 11. The MANGA version has, as of Dec. 2021, about 50 or more chapters completed and published in Japanese, with possibly more to come. Both manga versions have since been picked up and translated into English (*). This wiki will feature a chapter by chapter chronicle that is a combination of both manga stories as told by the English translations, where practical. When the sequence of events of the story lines are different, this wiki will chronicle the MANGA version first, since it is the more complete and extensive story line. The DOUJIN version will be shown thereafter, for comparison.

The title Until I Become Me, as written in the Japanese language, has a play on words in it. The "I" is written in the masculine sense, whereas the "Me" is written in the feminine sense. Therefore, an alternate title in English would be Until "He" Becomes a "She".

(*)Wiki Note---As more English translations are made available and posted to the Internet, this Wiki will be promptly expanded to include all translated text and story as it becomes available.

The story of Until I Become Me as featured in this wiki, is a unique, unannounced, and unexpected transformation from male to female themed story. The story covers such topics as child and teen bullying, parental divorce, the stark changes that a girl goes through as she reaches and goes through puberty, and the romantic attraction between two teenage girls ( Shoujo Ai / Yuri shipping ). As such, it carries a PG-13 rating, and reader discretion is strongly advised.

Synopsis of the Beginning of the Story

There was only one word to describe seven year old Akira Fujimiya at school---a first class bully ! From the beginning of primary school, to the present day, he took pleasure in downgrading and making fun of the other students. Boys who he thought were beneath his own status were mocked and embarrassed on a regular basis. But his most forceful bullying was reserved for the girls in his class. They would receive the most humiliating and outrageous comments and actions that were specifically designed to socially and emotionally torture any and all girls who crossed his path. For one so young in years, his personality seems to have been fertile ground for toxic masculinity. Not surprisingly, Akira had almost no friends at all. But the few boys who would hang with him were just as bad as he was.

One day when he and several other students were on classroom cleaning duty, he and his buds decided to play around instead of doing any actual cleaning. One brave girl dared to point out to him that he needed to do his fair share of the work. Akira's response was to flip her skirt up, thereby showing to all the other classmates the type of panties she was wearing that day. Naturally, when Akira got home that afternoon, his mom told him that the school called and reported all that he did wrong that day, including the debased trick that he played on that girl. His mom ended up forcefully scolding him, including saying that someday 'Fate will punish you', and that you will have to end up 'paying the price'. This, of course, went right over his head. As he prepared for bedtime, he began to feel a bit odd, he felt 'out of it', with his face becoming pale and red.

Fate did, indeed, extract a heavy price from Akira that night. Upon waking up the next day after a long, dark, sleep, containing a bizarre dream that he could not fully remember, he finds out that not only did his hair somehow grow longer, but upon examination by himself he finds out that he is now an atomically correct girl !!! Rushed to the hospital by his very upset and concerned mother, the doctor that examines Akira tells the both of them the probable prognosis---There is no cause nor cure, therefore, Akira will have to spend the rest of their life as the gender that he hated so much, that of a girl !!!

The Social and Fashion Evolution of Akira Fujimiya

The thumbnail pictures show the progression of Akira Fijimiya's looks and presentation from that of a obnoxious boy to that of a likeable and presentable cute tween girl, as told by the English translation of the manga up to Chapter 20. Click on the individual picture to be taken to the chapter text where this part of Akira's life story is chronicled.

Meet All the Characters of Until I Become Me



What Manga Fan's are Saying About Until I Become Me

urugiru / 5 days ago

To add my two cents to [the] discussion, while I know from interacting with some of the audience of the series that trans[gender] people feel a connection to the story, I also know, particularly because that's not what I look for in it, that it has a lot of value beyond that. (To clarify, I like T[ransgender] content without self-identifying. I just like the concept of people struggling as a different sex.) I find the art style charming, the characters, storytelling and depth compelling, and the promise of what's to come has me hooked.

I think a lot of people read into the story a lot more seriousness than is intended by the author. The story maintains a lot of realism because that's how it was written initially, and you can't really write your way out of that once you get started. But it seems to have worked, as demonstrated by its sizable success. At the end of the day though, the author writes the story to have fun, not to make some [earth-shattering] statement about anything.

(Admin. Note---urugiru is the skilled and accurate translator of the Japanese to English language version of Until I Become Me, known on this Wiki as the MANGA version.)

portable / 6 days ago

I want to correct myself. I am a big fan of funny gender bender [manga] so my answer was more catered for this kind of gender bender. These kind of comics are clearly not political, and make fun of the different ways a boy or a girl think or behave.

This manga has a more serious tone with bullying and things like that. It is possible that it has some [transgender] undertones. A boy who refuse to accept his femininity and [then] slowly accepts it. It also has a bit of a punishment path, a boy being punished for being mean to girls. I still think that it is more a " how would you react if you turned into a girl " than [making] a political statement.

smiley guy / 7 days ago

It's gender bender [manga], boys becoming girls and eventually accepting their new lives The tag[line] is literally in the description of the manga.

KOOK 13 / 1 month ago

I understand ......... but as it is set up as a sort of coming of age/growing up story, I can't help but treat it as such even with the fantasy/supernatural body switching aspect of it. You are right to say that imagination does not have to be constrained by reality, I agree a hundred percent on that, but even fantasy and sci-fi works have real life implications. There can be multiple parallels between the two, even if the the author did not intend it. This is because all works are influenced by real life in varying amounts, we can never fully make up something or detach it from reality.

In the end though there are multiple interpretations. Some may view it as a trans allegory, some may view it as a criticism on toxic masculinity, the list goes on and on. You can view it from any point to be honest. Even if the author didn't, they don't really have control on how their work is interpreted by different people which is actually quite amazing.

Naynay / 2 months ago

Stories such as this challenge those archetypes by exposing their M[ain] C[haracter] to a sudden swap in these socially applied expectations and exploring what it actually means to be the opposite sex & gender.

While all of this is interesting to delve into, this manga is, first and foremost designed to entertain and does so splendidly. The idea of a full sex reversal has always been an interesting trope to explore and I feel the mangaka in this case has struck a wonderful balance between respectfulness and entertainment.

From a non-polarized viewpoint, this manga is enjoyable to me for its heartwarming interactions between characters, like ability of not only the M[ain] C[haracter], but also supporting cast and uses a visually appealing art style which is neither too hyper realistic nor too stylized.

The pacing is good and the content builds just enough with each new chapter to neither be a cognitive overload nor too sparse of any meaningful value. I'm definitely looking forward to the next update.

Meet Rumi Watai, the Girl Who Falls in Love With Akira Fujimiya

Rumi Watai

Rumi invites Akira to her home

Pretty Dress

Rumi helps Akira wear a dress for the first time

At camp

Rumi and Akira attend camp together

Jr. High

Still loving girlfriends in Jr. High

The Until I Become Me Wiki Official Anime Video

>>This Anime Video is the Official Anime-style Video of the Until I Become Me Wiki<<

On that faithful night when Akria Fujimiya was transformed from being born a male, to that of an atomically correct tween girl, one can speculate on just what Akira was dreaming, even if it was done subconsciously, or without any later recollection at all. This Anime-style Video shown below is maybe what Akira dreamed of, as the forces of Fate, Karma, or Whatever were re-configuring their body, mind, heart, and soul. The male to female character in this video even has the same hauntingly erotic green eyes as does Akira Fujimiya !



This Wiki, based on the doujinshi manga Until I Become Me is a male to female transgender-themed wiki, and may not be suitable for children or pre-teens. READER DISCRETION IS ADVISED !!! That being said, it is expected, and insisted, that everyone coming to this Transgender Themed Wiki must comply with the LGBTQIA+ Guidelines instituted by FAMDOM management, so as to be respectful of transgender characters, as well as transgender concepts presented in the manga and anime stories.

This doujinshi webmanga will be retold in this Wiki, chapter by chapter, in English by a manga fan that is a male to female transgender person herself. This entire "fan's creation" fanon style Wiki will feature research, highlights, commentary, editing, positive transgender viewpoints, and additional revised text presented in the true spirit of creative doujinshi manga storytelling. This Wiki will faithfully follow the story and the experiences of the main and side characters. However, in the interest of simplified storytelling and concise presentations, this Wiki will be an abridged version of the manga, with only minor details being condensed and edited down. The manga Until I Become Me has two cannon versions, a Pre-Serialization version (with the tag "DOUJIN"), and a Published Manga version (with the tag "MANGA"). This wiki will, where practical, combine the two versions into one chronicled chapter-by-chapter story. Significant differences between the two versions will be highlighted by separate chapter stories, and/or footnotes in the Lookback section of the chapter page.

The Main Character is shown to be possibly not only a transgender male to female teenager, but also could be a Bigender (#) character, gradually changing from male to female presentations. They begin by displaying themselves as their birth gender of male, with a male Gender Expression, and a toxic masculine personality. The story seems to imply that their Gender Identity is that of being a combination of both male and female elements; they gradually come to present themselves as an ordinary teenage girl with a very feminine Gender Expression. This Wiki will refer to the MC, Akira, with male designations consistently throughout the chronicle of the chapters of the manga, and throughout the character profiles when they are presenting as being male. However, Akira will be referred to with male or gender neutral designations in the chronicle of the manga and character profiles when they are believing themselves to be a male, but having an atomically correct female body. At the point in the story where Akira is enrolled into a new school as a girl, they will at that time be referred to with female designations. Past references to Akira's life, or when Akira is presenting, at select times and occasions, as a combination of male/female will be identified by using the appropriate expressions ( male, female, or gender neutral ) as determined by the context of the story. Cis-gendered characters will be referred to by their subsequent pronouns, as shown by their Gender Identity and/or Gender Expression that they are presenting, at the time of their inclusion in the overall story, and will be done consistently thereafter.


Bigender, bi-gender, or dual gender is a gender identity that includes any two gender identities and behaviors. Identifying as bigender is typically understood to mean that one identifies as both male and female or moves between masculine gender expression and feminine gender expression, having two distinct gender identities simultaneously or fluctuating between them. The American Psychological Association describes the bigender identity as part of the umbrella of transgender identities. Some bigender individuals express two distinct personas, which may be feminine, masculine, agender, androgyne, or other gender identities; others find that they identify as two genders simultaneously.

---Taken from Wikipedia ( bold and italics added )



This wiki is an experimental venture for myself as the Founder, Admin and B'crat to become familiar with how to work, manipulate, and edit with the FANDOM program called the "Unified Community Platform" (UPC). Sometimes the best way to learn when by yourself is just by trial and error. With the time coming when all wikis will be on the UPC, it is good to begin now to become skilled at how to edit with this new program. This wiki will serve that purpose. Please, no major reconfiguration editing or help is wanted, needed, or necessary at this time. I have to learn how to sync with the UPC on my own, at my own pace.

The Management Positions for Until I Become Me are all taken, and the editing manpower of this wiki is currently adequate. This fan created wiki is a very specialized and narrow focused wiki, that being a male to female transgender themed wiki, featuring positive male to female transgender attitudes and viewpoints, and would be best to be edited by transgender people themselves, who can tell the feelings and stories of transgender persons with personal conviction, understanding, and compassion. Since this is an experimental wiki venture to acquaint myself with how to program and edit with the UCP codes, no outside editing is wanted, needed, or necessary. I have to learn all of this on my own, mostly by trial and error. However, I will avail myself of the FANDOM Community Central videos and articles.

The guidelines for this very specialized Wiki can be found here.


Seven year old Akira, after they acquired the body of an anatomically correct girl. Akira still at times will think of themselves as a male, but is slowly discarding male appearances and personality traits, and is beginning to look like and present as a typical tween girl. Is Akira a boy or a girl ? That is the burning question always demanding an answer, always locked in the back of her mind. That is the story of this manga and wiki.

MaleAkria (2).jpg

Seven year old Akira, the 'bad boy', with a typical male appearance and presentation, this before they physically changed sex.


Akira at 10-11 years of age. She wears girl's clothes all of the time, but sometimes with a male-oriented style. Nevertheless, Akira's appearance is such that she is not mistaken for a boy, and many times is given the compliment that she is 'so cute and pretty'!


Akira at 15-16 years of age. She is old enough to select her own clothes and fashion styles, and for swimwear, she selects and wears her first bikini swimsuit.


Akira in high school, wearing the female school uniform, a sailor fuku (sailor suit). She is tying her hair up into a cute ponytail. Akira is about 17-18 years of age.


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